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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pictures can I have? What if I have more pictures what should I do?

You can have 10 photos with maximum of 10 pictures 1200 pixels wide x 700 pixels high. If you have more you would like to include then we suggest you make a collage of your pictures, each collage is maximum size of 1200 pixels wide x 700 pixels high or in Inches: 16.667 inches wide by 9.722 inches high.  There are many programs and apps available that could help you make a collage.

Does my entire video with content have to be made before I check out?
I am very busy. I don’t think I can make my entire video and/or write my content in one sitting. How will I be able to check out if I don’t have it done?
Am I able to change my content or pictures?
I am making a pre-obituary/tribute page. How do I make sure my page reflects my date of passing?
When I die how do I make sure my family knows to access this tribute?
Does my family need a password to access my tribute to play at my service or post on social media etc?
Why should I do this instead of just prewriting by obituary to send into the local newspaper?
If my preobituary is published right away, will people searching the site think I have passed when I have not?
Am I allowed to choose any music I want for my video montage?
Do I have to do a video?
Does this cost the same as having a video and picture collage along with it?
Can my family add a special picture after I pass?
If my family purchases a separate tribute is it the same cost?
I don’t know where to begin with writing my content. Are there any suggestions?
How do I remove the example content to add my own words?
How do I pay for my life memory?
Is my purchase guaranteed to be accessible to me and my family for our lives?
What types of files can I upload?
What is the maximum picture resolution and color format?
Can I change my Video?
Do you provide sample pictures to use as a guide for the pictures that is 1200x700?
Can Life's Memories create a photo gallery for me?
Can Life's Memories create my video for me?

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